Ia orana!

Caroline Tongourian, Bora Bora Photographer

Hi I’m Caro

I am a photographer in Bora Bora and I have always been passionate by image, photography and light.

When I arrived in Polynesia a dozen years ago, I was instantly captivated by the beauty of the scenery and landscapes, the incredible colors of Bora Bora lagoon and the lush vegetation.
I spent my free time photographing everything : the nature, my family, my friends, the local culture.

Since then I have been developing my skills to be able to live from my passion.

My philosophy

The perfect shot is when I feel butterflies in my belly, this magic moment that makes us feel the emotion of the moment through a look, a smile. Capturing the moment on the spot, feeling the authenticity of the emotion, telling a story through images, is what makes me push the camera button. Telling a story through images, is what makes me push the camera button.

French Polynesia is usually the trip of a lifetime, memories of it must be unforgettable so you can immerse yourself in it and relive it over and over again indefinitely.

I want to enhance your memories, capture your complicity, your laughter, your love and make them even more sublime than they already are!

I am discreet and a good observant. I like humor, authenticity and I’ll make you feel comfortable. My goal is to translate your moments with simplicity and sincerity into spectacular pictures.

Wedding couple in Bora Bora

Capturing emotion…

Wedding couple in Bora Bora

How I work

I won’t direct you but rather accompany you. I will suggest games or actions to create a real interaction between you. The intention is to capture images that really suit you and make you shine with authenticity. Be yourself, don’t be afraid of anything. Sometimes it will be unusual things that might surprise you! The outcome is definitely worth it, you won’t regret it.

My approach is more Lifestyle: simplicity, spontaneity, authenticity. Documenting life moments with realness and natural light.

If this approach tempts you, contact me, I can’t wait to hear from you!