Frequently Asked Question

Are you looking for a photographer in Bora Bora and you have a lot of questions? You are in the right place:

The photo shoot

Where is the session taking place?

If you plan to come to Bora in one of the hotels on the island, the hotel would be the perfect location to enjoy an idyllic photo shoot. Keep unforgettable memories of Bora Bora…

I can come and meet you anywhere in Bora Bora and I work with all the resorts of the Island (Le Bora Bora by Pearl Resorts, Intercontinental Le Moana, Intercontinental Le Thalasso & Spa, St Regis, Conrad Bora Bora Nui, Four Seasons Bora Bora, Le Maitai Bora Bora, Le Royal Bora bora)

If you’re staying with friends or in a rental house, Matira beach is an unmissable place. Matira beach is a must-see.

I am not photogenic and my partner is not comfortable

I totally understand. I admit that I prefer to be behind the camera. To facilitate that, the session is organized in a fluid way. We take the time to discuss your wishes, and then we go for a walk in the hotel or at the beach to enjoy the beauty of the island. I do not ask my customers to pose in front of the camera. I’d rather suggest small talks or games or actions to create natural interactions and bring out beautiful moments of bonding between you.

What is the best time of day for the session?

The light is softer at the start or end of the day. Sessions should be avoided around midday, the light being too strong and the heat often intense.
At the beginning of the day the temperature is often more pleasant. Depending on where your hotel is located, the places are highlighted. Although, one can admire the splendid view of Mount Otemanu, perfectly illuminated at all time during the day. At the end of the day, you can enjoy the golden light of the sunset. There are no bad choices, every moment of the day has its advantages. It’s all a matter of taste. Feel free to have a look at my photo galleries to see which light you would like the most.

How to dress?

Whether it is for a couple, family or birth session, you need to feel comfortable so be yourself! You can opt for coordinated and sober outfits.

You can bring several outfits: a formal one to feel more classy and dressy and a more casual one if you like. In that case, opt for a session of at least two hours so you have enough time to get changed.
Just one thing: soft and pastel colors are pleasant and enhance the environment.

Wedding outfits

If you are on your honeymoon and can travel with your wedding attire, that would be the best option.

Maternity session

For maternity sessions, I can bring some local accessories such as a more (the traditional dance skirt) or a pareo. . Also think of a plain black or white bra to enhance your round belly.

What do we do if the weather is stormy?

I always advise booking in the first days of the stay.
If the weather is too rainy, this allows us to change the date of the session according to our availability.

Sometimes the weather is a little overcast and it is not necessarily a bad thing. The clouds scatter light and it is perfect for a photo shoot.

I have in mind some photos that I would like to have ...

No problem, send me the ideas you have and we will discuss the various possibilities.

How I work

How long does it take to receive my photos?

It takes 10 to 15 days for the complete edition of the photo shoot.
I send you a link from which you can download the photos in high quality. It’s easy to share with family and friends.

Do you work elsewhere than in Bora Bora ?

I’m based in Bora Bora, but I’d love to meet you anywhere else. The easiest way is to contact me and give me all the details of your project. I will reply as soon as possible with a detailed quote (travel expenses, type of session, etc.)

What is your photography style ?

I love natural, no fuss photos. Beautiful lights bring out the feelings that emanate from couples. I have a particular taste for candid portraits and highlighting the breathtaking landscapes of Bora Bora. Mount Otemanu in the background, a couple accomplice in the foreground.

My approach is more Lifestyle and journalistic photo. Each session is different and is tailored to my customers’ personality and desires.

Do you retouch the pictures ?

I prefer to use the term edition instead. Most of the work involves sorting and editing the photos.

I identify and select thoroughly the best photos of the session. I like to offer variety in the images I deliver. About the edition, each photo is slightly reworked in order to enhance lights, contrasts and tones but nothing too much. I don’t overdo the editing. I like to keep it natural and realistic.

I love black and white photos. I often work on a small selection of photos that I edit in black and white. It is a treatment that brings out the subjects and offers a different reading of the photo.

How do I book?

Send me a message and we can start talking about your project.

Contact me

Want to know more ? Send me an email, I will answer it quickly.
See you soon !

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